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Pop Up Art Renfrew CountyWhat is Pop Up Art Renfrew County?

Ottawa Valley Creative Arts Open Studio (OV-CAOS), in partnership with the Community Resource Centre—Killaloe, has received a one-year seed grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation to create Pop Up Art, a travelling art exhibition and community art workshops for Renfrew County.

Pop Up Art travels to public venues throughout the county over a six-month period starting in April 2019. Pop Up Art also has a website and social media presence so people can follow it around the county and participate online as well as in person.

Artists, we want to know what you think. Please click here to take a quick survey.

Pop Up Art features a curated exhibition called Extra-Ordinary Renfrew County. The exhibition is a multi-artist and multimedia exhibit exploring how the extraordinary can be found in our everyday lives in Renfrew County.

The exhibition pops up in unexpected places, such as municipal facilities, community facilities, private businesses and other public places. In conjunction with the exhibition, the public is invited to participate in community art workshops as the exhibit tours through the county.

Pop Up Artist-Facilitator

Bozena Hrycyna

Pop Up Artists
Why Build a Mobile Art Space?

Currently, Renfrew County does not have a public art gallery, but we do have many of artists and other cultural workers. Renfrew County is very large geographically and we don’t have public transportation.

We explore the impact and viability of bringing mobile art experiences to people living in rural communities. OV-CAOS, the CRC and the Ontario Trillium Foundation believe that by creating a mobile art space and curating an exhibition about Renfrew County by its artists, residents will have increased access to meaningful artistic experiences.

Who is this Project For?


Pop Up Art Renfrew County is here to address the need for Renfrew County residents to have more opportunities to interact with art in public spaces.

Between April and September 2019, the general public has the opportunity to experience the Extra-Ordinary Renfrew County exhibition at various locations throughout Renfrew County, as well as opportunities to participate in community art workshops.

Venue Owners and Managers

Pop Up Art Renfrew County travels to six communities throughout Renfrew County between April and September 2019.

If you are interested in hosting Pop Up Art Renfrew County at your venue, please visit www.ov-caos.org or email anya@ov-caos.org.

Pop Up Art Renfrew County