OV-CAOS Ottawa Valley Community Arts

Everyone can make art for Pop Up

As an artist, maker, creative person, these art-making and open-community exhibitions are not juried and have workshops and/or kits so that everyone can participate.




August 2021 • Gathered fallen branches
Kiwanis Way Trail • Pembroke

Nesting is a human-sized nest constructed using fallen branches located on a point that can be viewed from the shoreline along the Kiwanis Trail in Pembroke, Ontario.

Nesting Tips for Building a Nest

Click here to view or download a proposal tip sheet.

Wish You Were Here Postal Art

This exhibition is a form of postal art, which is an art movement centered on sending small scale art works through the postal system. Particpants are invited to create an art work responding to this statement: Wish You Were Here.

Your art work must come through the postal system, stamped by the post office.

Click here to download a postcard template, to print out and mail in.


Community Book-art Installation
Use discarded books to make art

Choose a kit. Make some book art. Bring your creations back to the library. Be part of a community art installation. Three kits to choose from…

Welcome To My World: Create a book art miniature world diorama! Intermediate.

Taking Flight: Create a book art bird! Beginner.

Building Community: Create a book art village! This kit contains three projects (house, trees and people) ranging from beginner to complex. Great for a family!

Pop Up Art at the Library Community Book-art Installation

Pop Up Art at the Library Book Art Makers’ Kit