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Pop Up Art LIVE Galleries

There are three Pop Up Art galleries in the Ottawa Valley:

Fifth Chute Café, 291 Bridge Street, Eganville, 613-223-9436, fifthchute.com
Arnprior Public Library, 21 Madawaska Street, Arnprior, 613-623-2279, arnpriorlibrary.ca
Garrison Petawawa, Dundonald Hall Fitness Sports & Aquatic Centre, 57 Festubert Bld, Petawawa (Currently only Military Personnel have access to this facility. Stay tuned for updates regarding when the general public will be permitted.)

ON NOW at the Fifth Chute Café Pop Up Art Gallery:

August 26 – November 27th
Fifth Chute Café
291 Bridge Street, Eganville
613-223-9436, fifthchute.com

Have you ever looked at an old or broken item and wondered if it could still be used for something else? Maybe you are saving torn jeans for a new sewing project, or have a piece of furniture you want to restore. Some of us have whole drawers filled with bread tags, dried up pens, keys to cars we no longer own, and
who knows what else. The truth is that most of this stuff eventually ends up in the landfill. But not everything…

Nine Ottawa Valley artists were given the challenge of turning discarded items into works
of art. The results are part of the new exhibition, Salvage, which opens August 26th at Fifth
Chute Coffee in Eganville. Whether it is high fashion made from single-use plastics, the
reimagined remnants of a fire, or roadside coffee cup creations, each piece tells a unique
story about rural communities and life beyond the landfill.

As one of the Salvage artists, Pat Thurston, states, “Every created thing made by humans
eventually returns to where it originated, and in the long process of decay there is still
beauty to be found and much to wonder at.”

Salvage is the latest installment in the Pop Up Art series, presented by OV-CAOS. The
exhibit will be in Eganville until November before moving on to the Arnprior Public Library
and Garrison Petawawa in 2023. The goal of Pop Up Art is to offer Ottawa Valley residents
the opportunity to interact with art in public spaces, and to have meaningful encounters
with art in their day-to-day lives.

ON NOW at the Arnprior Public Library Pop Up Art Gallery:

August 26 – November 27th
Arnprior Public Library
21 Madawaska Street, Arnprior
613-623-2279, arnpriorlibrary.ca

If you live, work or play in the Ottawa Valley, you know it is a region steeped in a rich and diverse history. Luckily, much of this history is preserved and on display at more than 20 local museums and heritage sites. The artifacts you’ll find there tell a story of life in the past and the vital role that domestic objects played in people’s
lives. But what about the stories held within those everyday items? What happens to the
stories once the objects are no longer in use?

These are the questions that a group of Ottawa Valley artists explore in a new exhibition
currently on display in the Pop Up Gallery at Fifth Chute Coffee in Eganville. During the
summer of 2021, these artists visited museums across the Ottawa Valley, with a mission to
find historical objects – from tea cups and washboards, to mason jars and clock
mechanisms – that sparked inspiration.

The result is ARTifacts, an exhibition of new contemporary artworks by seven local artists:
Kathryn Bossy, Michael Dombroskie, Jennifer Kelly, Tanya Lyons, Kelly MacLeod, Heather
MacMillan, and Sylvia Tennisco.


ON NOW at Garrison Petawawa Pop Up Art Gallery:

Honouring Seniors
August 26 – November 27th
Dundald Hall
57 Festubert Blvd., Petawawa

Billions and billions of photos are taken every day as we scramble to save each moment before it passes. But the truth is, one thoughtfully captured image can often tell us much more, perhaps even a whole life story.

Photographic artist, Maureen MacMillan of Gal Capone Photography, spent time with 62 seniors in the western Ottawa Valley during 2020 and 2021, creating portraits that offer a glimpse into their diverse lives and experiences. Those portraits are featured in a new exhibition, Honouring Seniors, which opens March 25th in the Pop Up Gallery at Fifth Chute Coffee in Eganville.

“This project was a dream come true for me,” says MacMillan. “I have such a soft spot in my heart for seniors, their lived history, and what they have to offer the world.” And although the people featured in the portraits come from all walks of life, MacMillan says the one common thread was how vibrant, lively and involved these seniors are in their communities. “There is always that forward momentum and so much living to do.”

The Honouring Seniors exhibition features 50 portraits of individuals and couples ranging in age from 66-103, and is accompanied by a sound art compilation by Kathy Blomquist and Tristan Whitton. It is presented by Ottawa Valley Community Arts (OV-CAOS) along with project partners Barry’s Bay and Area Senior Citizen’s Home Support and the Community Resource Centre Seniors Active Living Centre.