Youth Theatre 2016

Youth Theatre 2016

Social Scripts

Listing of dates and times:

January 30-31 (12-4pm) Playwriting workshop

February 5, 12 (6-8pm) Regular theatre group meetings

February 19 (6-8pm) – February 20 (10-5pm) Visual story-telling workshop

February 26 (6-8) Regular theatre group meeting

March 4 (6-8pm) – March 5 (10-5pm) Playwriting workshop

March 11, 18 (yes, during March Break!) (6-8pm) Regular theatre group meetings

March 25th (Good Friday) is cancelled because it is a holiday

April 1, 8 (6-8) Shadow puppet and projector play with Megan Spencer

April 15, 22, 29 (+ one extra rehearsal day TBA) Regular theatre group meetings

May 6, 13 (+ two extra rehearsal days, TBA) Regular theatre group meetings

+ 2 Performance dates TBA

Want to create? Collaborate? Perform?  Come be part of a unique theatre opportunity starting this winter!

For those between the ages of 14-21.

We will play with words, visual art and theatrical forms to make a piece of theatre that is full of wild imagination!


Creation & Production Schedule:

January-April 2016

Note some important date changes!!

We kick off with a powerhouse weekend training, coming up January 29-31!  

On Friday January 29th: see a preview showing of Monstrousone-woman show by Sarah Waisvisz, Ottawa actor and playwright. With audience Q&A afterwards.  Killaloe Lion’s Hall, 7-9pm.

MadrasFabricsChrisSnowSarah Waisvisz starring in Monstrous (photo by Christopher Snow)



January 30-31 in Killaloe
Follow up with a training by Sarah and Eleanor Crowder designed to get us playing with our words and experimenting with different forms of creative self-expression.
DSC_0015Eleanor Crowder offering Wild Words Training 2013

Times: Saturday, and Sunday January 30th and 31st, 12-4pm

Locations: Saturday we’re at the Friendship Club, 12 Lake Street in Killaloe 

Sunday we’re at the Lion’s Hall, 18 Lake Street in Killaloe

From Eleanor:

“My goal is to help participants find a flow state where words or artwork become a satisfying expression of their own experience.  This workshop uses drawing and painting as starters to creation with words.  Participants layer media and layer words and rhythm in interlock.  The goal is to build confident self-exploration, where the artist learns to trust their own iterative process.”


From Sarah Waisvisz:

“Forget what your teacher said about plots needing a beginning, middle, and an end! Stop worrying about finding your play’s climax before you even put one word down on the page! Plays emerge from the weirdest places and can take the weirdest forms: in playwriting, process is half the fun, and half the journey.. My latest play was inspired by

  •      an obsession with maps
  •      a song remembered incorrectly from childhood
  •      a whole fish served on banana leaves
  •      the miracles of science
  •      all of the above!

Together we will dream, dive, dig deep—maybe even dance– in order to invite the words of the heart to leap onto the page. This workshop is for players who want to write and for writers who want to play.”



Regular meetings of the Youth Theatre group will begin February 5th!

The youth theatre group will meet weekly at the Combermere Community Centre starting Friday February 5th until the end of May from 6-8pm.

Our focus will be on developing performance and improv skills as well as brainstorming and workshopping ideas for our play!
Led by Emma Manchester, OV-CAOS artist in residence.


Other special trainings throughout the production schedule:

Friday March 4 and Saturday March 5

Wild Words!

Eleanor Crowder will return to help us further develop our script with Wild Words training!

The tools:  verse, rhymes, poems, songs, paint, paper, pens, our bodies, our voices , our imagination.  Plenty of space.

The result:  poems, art, performance, satisfaction for now and a series of new ideas to follow up.

February 19-20:

Visual Storytelling!

ruth2AA_PennyLoafers_DSC_1401Miniatures from Jumblies workshops

Ruth Howard of Jumbles Theatre will be offering a workshop in visual story-telling

This workshop will invite participants to explore many different approaches to bringing the stories and characters they have developed to life.

This will include:

– Collective guided design drawings and/or story-boards to show stories and characters that the group has created or is developing, and provide a basis for visual design elements;

– working in groups to express the same scene or story segment in several visually-based styles, supported by other disciplines (e.g. music, movement, words, storytelling);

– focusing on making techniques and skills of miniature-making, shadow or other types of simple puppet construction;

– considering other design elements as interests emerge and time allows (such as masks, costumes, props, larger puppets, or considerations of staging options).



Megan Spencer, OV-CAOS artist in residence, will be leading two puppet-making workshops as part of the youth theatre series in March, building up toward our performance.

owlShadow puppet by Megan Spencer



We will be performing our finished play at the Combermere Community Centre at the end of May (dates TBA) 2016.  Stay tuned for updates here and on our Facebook page!

Questions or looking for more info? Email Emma at or by phone (613) 757-0884

Open to all (ages 14-21). No previous experience needed.

Thanks to funding from our sponsors this program is free to participants

“The services of OV-CAOS were made possible through Theatre Ontario’s Professional Theatre Training Program, funded by the Ontario Arts Council, an agency of the Government of Ontario”

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